About Us



About Us

The Personal Care Coach and Training Company is the (love)child of Robyn Brown, who has been involved in the cosmetics industry for close to thirty years.

“Over the years, through my work and interaction with entrepreneurs, I have recognised that there is a real need within the cosmetic industry for an accredited course that will provide new and existing role players with the opportunity to learn how to make cosmetics.”

This and my love of the industry and passion for training and uplifting entrepreneurs inspired the launch of a new company called THE PERSONAL CARE COACH AND TRAINING COMPANY.

This company will offer training courses aimed at compounders, formulators and industry entrepreneurs, who either do not have any other cosmetic and toiletry training or who do not qualify for the courses which are currently available.

“We want to fill the need for accredited training for entrepreneurs who want to develop their own skin care and cosmetic products.”

The company will also provide access to ingredients, raw materials and equipment needed by small start-ups who cannot afford or do not require bulk ingredients and raw materials.

“We want to answer the need for quality ingredients and actives in smaller, affordable quantities that make these items accessible to start-ups and entrepreneurs.”

The Personal Care Coach and Training Company – growing the future cosmetics industry.




Emollients and plant oils

Emulisifers and Stabilisers