The Personal Care Coach and Training Company is a one-stop shop for aspiring skin care and cosmetic entrepreneurs and businesses in South Africa and surrounding countries.

The concept is to provide support to small and medium size enterprises who want access to the same quality cosmetic actives, ingredients and raw materials as their larger counterparts.

The Personal Care Coach focuses on supplying these ingredients in smaller pack sizes that are affordable and accessible to start-ups and SMMEs who do not require large quantities.

We provide kits for popular skin care and personal care products for those who do not have experience in formulating.

The Personal Care Coach and Training company is also focused on providing information and advice on the basic principles of formulation and skin care production to industry newcomers with a view to launching certified training courses for compounders, formulators and entrepreneurs.


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Understanding Stability Testing

Developing a stable cosmetic product requires understanding and reacting to information gathered throughout the formulation process. To ensure a quality product is produced, the formulator or cosmetic scientist must conduct various stability tests to identify issues that may arise. Although some issues may seem obvious, it is better to...

Starting Your Own Skincare Range

The skincare, personal, haircare and cosmetics industry is one of the most competitive in the world – probably because the barriers to entry are relatively low.  One does not need a massive factory or production line to get started.  Many entrepreneurs simply start in the kitchen using basic ingredients...


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